Meet Our Team

Bryan Swink
Bryan SwinkPresident | State Certified Electrical Contractor

As President and Master Electrician, Bryan brings over 25 years of experience in the electrical field. Bryan is a second generation electrical contractor and his innate ability to translate a client’s vision into a quality finished product has positioned the company for significant growth since opening in 2002. Among Bryan’s greatest strengths are his excellent communication skills and ability to guide clients through a thorough initial consultation process.
Be it electrical and lighting design for new construction, additions or remodels, service changes, equipment installations, etc. his focus on planning and communication prior to commencing a project affords clients significant savings of both time and money. Bryan is a fourth generation, native Floridian who is heavily networked with multiple trades in the construction industry. These business relationships, which span decades, have proven to be a tremendous resource enabling Bryan to link his clients to the “best of the best” companies in Palm Beach County.

Celia Swink
Celia SwinkVice President and Operations Manager | State Certified Residential Contractor

As a State Certified Residential Contractor herself, Celia serves as Vice President and Operations Manager for Swink Electric. Celia’s career background in finance, accounting, and project management enables her to provide exceptional back office support to the company. Celia works closely with each client in all aspects of the permitting process, invoicing, documentation and tracking aspects of their project. This clear division of responsibilities and strong team approach enables Bryan to focus strictly on the technical aspects of each project.

Team Swink Electric

IdoleyvisSenior Electrician
As a senior electrician for Swink Electric, Ido is responsible for leading on site execution and installations for our larger projects, including custom homes, remodels and commercial work. Originally from Santa Clara, Cuba, he and his family moved to South Florida in 1995. He enjoys working with Swink Electric because there is team unity, understanding and sharing. His favorite activity is to enjoy his family to the fullest. He is also a sports enthusiast, specifically baseball.
With an electrical engineering degree from his home country of Cuba and as a second year student at the Florida Electrical Apprenticeship Program, Drianet is excellent at documenting and tracking important aspects of custom projects and unique installations. He loves South Florida because it is is one of the most beautiful places in the country and enjoys working with Swink Electric because of the team spirit and a wonderful work environment. In his free time he enjoys reading, watching television, spending time with his wife and cheering for his favorite sports teams.
Lazaro’s strong mechanical background makes him our “go to leader” for service changes and panel changes. He loves South Florida because the weather reminds him of his home country of Cuba. He enjoys working with Swink Electric because he respects the professional people and environment. Is his free time, he loves to fish and spend quality time with his wife and two loving children.
Geo is a first year apprentice enrolled at the Florida Electrical Apprenticeship Program. His outstanding professionalism and customer service brings an important component to our client focused service. He moved to South Florida from Cuba because he wanted to create a better future for his wife and son. He enjoys working with Swink Electric because of the variety of projects and the opportunity to work with a professional team. He admires Bryan, the President of Swink Electric, because he is an example of leadership. Geo loves to travel countries and learn about different cultures along with watching movies and listening to music.