The best certified Generac service provider in West Palm Beach is Swink Electric. We are certified by the state of Florida to be electricians and have certifications to perform services, maintenance, and warranty work on Generac air-cooled generators!

Swink Electric is the best certified Generac service provider in West Palm Beach for both commercial and residential use. Generators keep us connected even when the power grid goes out.

There are plenty of generator options, like portable, air-cooled, water-cooled, and brands. Picking the right brand usually means finding the best. People don’t want to invest in a generator for their home or business only for it to go out or require too much maintenance.

After all, the generator is supposed to be the safety net. Generac is the top manufacturer of backup power generators in the US. In fact, Generac has been working to provide people with backup power since 1959!

There are plenty of reasons to go with Generac, but one of the biggest reasons is the maintenance option. Generac offers electricians a training program that allows them to learn the ins and outs of the generators Generac makes.

This process is done with classroom and hands-on learning under the supervision of Generac itself. There is nothing better than an electrician who knows the ins and outs of the things they are working on.

That’s what you get with a Generac-certified electrician; with Swink Electric.

Best Certified Generac Service Provider in West Palm Beach

There are huge benefits clients can get from going with a Generac-certified electrician to work on their Generac generators. Generac-certified electricians must complete a course that focuses on the generators.

This is done to ensure that electricians already know every part of the generator, common service issues, and how to fix them quickly and efficiently. This means less time for clients to go without a generator and allows for more trust in the repair process.

Our electricians have currently completed the course for Generac air-cooled generators. There are different courses for different Generac generators. We are working on more certifications as well.

Best Certified Generac Service Provider in West Palm Beach Services

Generac generators are considered to be top-tier generators. The generators are ones that you can rely on. However, they may need maintenance from time to time just to make sure they’re running optimally. That is when you call an electrician.

Of course, you could call any electrician to work on your Generac generator. However, you get more peace of mind and quicker service from Generac-certified electricians. Generac provides electricians with 5-day courses for each generator product it offers.

Currently, we have completed the course for the air-cooled generators. This means we are certified by Generac to work on all air-cooled generators they manufacture. Hiring a random electrician who may need more time and costs to complete the job is unnecessary.

Instead, make Swink Electric your go-to Generac generator electrician.

Generators in West Palm Beach

Businesses and homeowners in Florida have plenty of reasons to use a generator. But why should you pick a Generac generator? Generac has been in business since 1959 and has perfected the art of backup power.

Generac has even provided its customers access to electricians whose teams have trained to work on their products. This service is meant to make owning a Generac generator that much better. The certified electrician will be like an extension of Generac itself.

It’s like having a Honda mechanic work on a Honda Accord. They have the know-how, they have the training, and we are them but for Generac. We can perform service, maintenance, and warranty work on Generac air-cooled generators – meaning we can be your one-stop shop from start to finish! Call us at 561-683-1512 to book an appointment.

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