Swink Electric is the best electrical contractor in Delray Beach Florida. We take on projects of any size and give them each the same level of professionalism and attention. Contact us to schedule your electrical work with Swink Electric.

The best electrical contractor in Delray Beach Florida is Swink Electric, but what makes Swink Electric the best choice? Swink Electric has over 21 years of electrical experience and more than 35 years of project management experience.

The bigger focus on project management comes in handy on construction sites. Many construction jobs work on a tight schedule, and messing up that schedule could derail a lot. That is why we are the best; that project management experience helps us plan and execute our electrical work at the highest level.

But construction work isn’t all Swink Electric does. Homeowners, renters, building owners, and business owners all contact us for help with their electrical issues. That is where the more than 21 years of electrical experience comes in handy.

Our team of electricians can do it all, from helping with a light fixture that doesn’t quite work right to wiring entire buildings for electricity. All while making sure they follow your desired plan.

We want an electrician we know we can rely on for any job, regardless of size. The easy choice will always be the best electrical contractor in Delray Beach Florida. The question is, what do we look for in electricians?

Best Electrical Contractor in Delray Beach Florida | Certifications

Electrical contractors have entire teams of electricians that can help tackle any job of any size. However, clients want to ensure these electricians know what they are doing. Bad electrical jobs could lead to malfunctions, struggles, and even fires. Swink Electric is your go-to state-certified electrician.

We ensure that all of our work will be done safely and correctly, no matter the job size. Our certification also means that the team of electricians is prepared to tackle issues that may arise on a job site. Anyone who has worked in construction knows that even the best-laid plans can have a hiccup or two. Having our level of knowledge and experience of electrical issues is very important.


Swink Electric is not only the best electrical contractor in Delray Beach Florida. Swink Electric is also home to a team of electricians with decades of experience between them.

Swink Electric electricians are the best in the business because of their quick thinking and timely job completions. That speed and quality of work only come from dealing with issues on past jobs.

You can rest assured knowing that Swink Electric electricians are prepared to handle any issue that may arise during the job. 


You don’t have to take our word for it. There are plenty of testimonials and reviews you can find that will help you make a decision. Swink Electric has worked with construction companies on new builds and remodels of all different sizes; as well as with business owners and homeowners alike.

There truly is no job too big or small for Swink Electric.

“Their staff is well organized, very attentive to our tight construction schedules, and knowledgeable of the current products available to help our clients achieve the best possible value for their home.”

Another architect said about Swink Electric:

“We look forward to working with them in the future, and have no reservation in recommending them as an Electrical Contractor.”

Homeowners agree that Swink Electric is the best electrical contractor in Delray Beach Florida. 

“I highly recommend Swink Electric to anyone who needs a dependable and fair electrician.”

“The service that we received was fast, courteous and professional. I will now be using Swink Electric for all my electrical needs.”

Ready to get started with your electrical needs in Delray Beach Florida? Contact us today to get started.

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