Swink Electric is the best electrical contractor in Greenacres for residential and commercial projects. Every client, no matter the size of the job, gets the same high-quality service at Swink Electric. You can learn more about what makes Swink Electric the best, and then contact us at Swink Electric today or call us at (561) 683-1512 for fast and dependable service.

The best electrical contractor in Greenacres is Swink Electric, thanks to the high level of professionalism given to every job. with over 21 years of electrical experience and over 35 years of project management experience, you can trust you will get great results from Swink Electric.

Swink Electric is a state-certified electrician servicing the Greenacres area. Being a certified electrician is only part of what makes Swink Electric the best option for electrical services in Greenacres.

Swink Electric is proud of the services we offer, and the teams that get the jobs done are the best in the area. Our team of certified electricians ensures that every job gets the same high level of expertise and professionalism, no matter the size. You will want an electrician you can rely on to get you back to your life and business as usual. That’s what you will get from Swink Electric.

Best Electrical Contractor in Greenacres | Certifications

Swink Electric is the best electrical contractor in Greenacres, with the proper certifications. The state of Florida requires any electrician taking on work to be certified. Electricians need to put their skills to the test in order to prove they can work with electricity properly.

This process is a lengthy one since so many things we use in our daily lives require electricity. There is plenty to learn and plenty to prove if you want to become an electrician.

Swink Electric has a team of electricians and is state certified. However, what sets us apart is that every job gets a master electrician’s oversight to ensure each client gets the absolute best.


We mentioned “master electrician” earlier, and that is the highest level of training for an electrician. A master electrician has pretty much seen it all as it pertains to electric work. Experience is what helps get jobs done quickly but also correctly the first time. Our master electrician teaches the entire team each and every day to improve their practice.

Swink Electric also has a combined 20+ years of experience with over 1300 clients and more than 3500 jobs completed. Each job has helped us gain more knowledge and experience to help ensure the next job goes even smoother.

Our team of electricians loves to take on a challenge. Their knowledge and experience help them diagnose problems quickly so they can fix the issue and get you back to your life with little interruption.


Testimonials come from clients Swink Electric has worked with in the past. They can give you an insight into what it’s like to work with Swink Electric and what makes Swink Electric the best electrical contractor in Greenacres. 

“Saw some of your electrical handiwork yesterday at a client’s house. The client may call you saying how much I bragged about what you did for him.”

“They are reliable, knowledgeable, and competitively priced. We highly recommend Swink Electric for all of your electrical needs.”

“Their staff is well organized, very attentive to our tight construction schedules, and knowledgeable of the current products available to help our clients achieve the best possible value for their home.”

“Swink has been outstanding and so professional. I would recommend this company to all I know.”

You can contact us at Swink Electric today or call us at (561) 683-1512 for fast and dependable service.

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