Swink Electric is the best electrician in Palm Beach. Every client receives the same high level of service no matter the job size. You can contact us at Swink Electric today or call us at (561) 683-1512 for quicker service.

Who is the best electrician in Palm Beach? Finding the answer will require a little bit of effort on your part before hiring your choice.

Who is the best electrician in Palm Beach? Swink Electric is the answer, but what makes Swink Electric the best choice? There are many things that factor in to providing top-notch service.

The most important factor is how we approach every job. The size of a job is not a defining aspect of how we approach the job. We are fortunate enough to have an entire team of highly skilled electricians.

Best Electrician in Palm Beach Electrician is installing and connecting a lamp to a ceiling.

Having an all-star team of electricians allows us to send skilled craftsmen to every job. This means that we can send the same person to fix a light switch on the fritz as we’d send on a new build construction site job.

Every job gets an electrician who can handle any obstacle thrown their way. In fact, our team of electricians make Swink Electric the best electrician in Palm Beach. Of course, there are a few other factors clients will want to consider when picking an electrician.

Best Electrician in Palm Beach Work on installing electrical outlets.

Clients should only deal with certified electricians. Certifications are important for many reasons, but the biggest is that electricians must have certifications to legally work in Florida. Potential clients can also look experience and testimonials.

Swink Electric has more than 20 years of electrical experience and over 35 years of project management. These experiences help us provide clients with quality services that reach far beyond just electrical work.

Our testimonials speak for themselves. Any potential client can check out our reviews to find out exactly what working with Swink Electric is like. Our goal has always been to provide clients with top-notch services from start to finish.

Best Electrician in Palm Beach Working Contractor Electrician

Best Electrician in Palm Beach | Certifications

Certifications are more than just a reassurance for potential clients. In fact, the state of Florida requires electricians to be state-certified before they can take on any work. Electricians are put to the test.

The certification process puts electricians’ skills to the test. They must prove that they are capable of working with electricity and can provide clients with sufficient work. Of course, sufficient isn’t the goal of Swink Electric. Instead, we want more than just sufficient.

Best Electrician in Palm Beach Electrician repairing chandelier in the house

These certifications also provide us with access to job site insurance as well as a certificate of insurance. That certificate allows us to pull blueprints and permits. But the biggest benefit comes in inspection time.

Ultimately, our certifications make the job go smoother and the paperwork easier. But certifications can only get us closer to being the best electrician in Palm Beach; there is still more that makes us even better.

Best Electrician in Palm Beach An electrician is installing spotlights on the ceiling


The more you do something, the easier it gets. We all know how experience works, but we can look at what that means for electricians. Electricians work with similar wiring in most cases. That similarity means they will likely encounter the same issues repeatedly.

Being familiar with common issues means they can diagnose and solve the problem quicker and more efficiently. If we notice a problem at home or work with our electricity, pick up the phone and call an electrician.

Swink Electric has over 20 years of electrical experience which has taught us many things. But the more than 35 years of project management experience makes us even better. We can easily provide clients with quality work because projects are properly managed.

Best Electrician in Palm Beach Electrician installing a socket


Another great source of information when looking for the best electrician in Palm Beach is to look at testimonials. Testimonials or reviews come from people who have worked or continue to work with Swink Electric.

This way, you know what you’re in for when you hire Swink Electric.

“Saw some of your electrical handiwork yesterday at a client’s house. The client may call you saying how much I bragged about what you did for him. New electrical service, meter main, new feeder through the attic to a new panel to replace an existing panel. You really set him up nicely for the addition work I am about to start for him.”

“Swink has been outstanding and so professional. I would recommend this company to all I know.”

Best Electrician in Palm Beach Electric Contractor Worker Installing Ceiling Light Point

“We know that electrical work will be permitted and installed just the way we need it. We appreciate their ethical and professional service.”

“The Swink guys demonstrate a willingness to have a full understanding of needs and job requirements, and they implement the work with heads down, a steady pace, and a no-nonsense, respectful approach. I trust them implicitly which has great value in my business.”

Contact us today or call us at (561) 683-1512 for quicker service.

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