The best electrical contractor in Hutchinson Island Florida is Swink Electric. You know you’re working with the best by looking at a few key factors. These factors include certification, experience, and testimonials of past clients.

Swink Electric is the best electrical contractor in Hutchinson Island Florida, thanks to an amazing team of electricians and years of experience. Finding the best contractor requires a bit of leg work.

However, those efforts are more than worth it in the end. We already know that the certifications of a contractor are essential. We also know that experience can go a long way, and reviews are crucial.

These things come together as traits of a contractor you can rely on for your job site. But there is more to any contractor than just the basics. The actual sign you’re working with the best electrical contractor in Hutchinson Island Florida is how they approach each job.

For example, one job could be smaller, not worth much to the contractor, but very important to the client. Then there are new builds which can be a great source of income for contractors.

A good electrician will look at both jobs and understand that they require the same level of care. Swink Electric is proud of our team of electricians because they approach every job with the same high level of care, no matter the size.

The basics help make sure you know you’ve found a competent electrician. But the testimonials might just be where the real information can be found.

Best Electrical Contractor in Hutchinson Island Florida | certification

The state of Florida requires electricians to be certified. The electrician is tested, and their skills must be proven to get state certified. The certification lets possible clients know that the electrician they choose is capable of doing essential electrical work.

But the most significant benefits of certification include insurance. Electricians who are certified have easier access to job site insurance. Electrical work is not always easy and can be dangerous at times, no matter the job site.

Job site insurance helps protect the electrician as well as the client. But more than basic electrician skills are required. That is when we turn to the next thing you want to look for in an excellent electrical contractor.


Job experience is necessary no matter what job you do. Electrical work is an excellent example of why experience is needed. The best electrical contractor in Hutchinson Island Florida has a team of electricians with varying experience levels.

The goal is to ensure that knowledge is passed down through generations. But also to ensure that every job is handled correctly the first time. For example, issues may arise throughout the job, and an inexperienced electrician could take much longer to find the solution.

That means more money and more time for the client to finish the job. An experienced electrician can use past experiences to figure out the problem, how to fix it, and get it done promptly.

Swink Electric is the best electrical contractor in Hutchinson Island Florida, thanks to our certifications and years of experience. But you should still hear what others say about their Swink Electric job sites. 


Testimonials are reviews that others have left after working with Swink Electric. The job sizes and clients vary. However, that means you are getting more insight into how professional, prompt, and clean Swink Electric electricians conduct themselves on the job site. 

“Saw some of your electrical handiwork yesterday at a client’s house. The client may call you saying how much I bragged about what you did for him. New electrical service, meter main, new feeder through the attic to a new panel to replace an existing panel. You really set him up nicely for the addition work I am about to start for him.”

“We have used Swink Electric as our electrical contractor of choice for the past 7 years. They are reliable, knowledgeable, and competitively priced. We highly recommend Swink Electric for all of your electrical needs.”

“Their staff is well organized, very attentive to our tight construction schedules, and knowledgeable of the current products available to help our clients achieve the best possible value for their home.”

“Swink has been outstanding and so professional. I would recommend this company to all I know.”

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