Swink Electric is proud to be the best electrical contractor in Lake Worth Florida. Swink Electric has a history of providing high-quality electrical services to both residential and commercial clients. Competitive prices and experienced electricians help make Swink the best option. You can contact us at Swink Electric today or call us at (561) 683-1512 for fast and dependable service.

The best electrical contractor in Lake Worth Florida is Swink Electric with competitive pricing and the experience needed to work promptly. Electrical services are among the most important for us all. We rely on electricity for just about everything we do.

Swink Electric has 21 years of electrical experience plus 35 years of experience in project management. This level of experience combined with Florida state certification helps us provide clients with services that are above the rest.

Residential and business clients are consistently impressed with the level of professionalism Swink Electric provides. We are constantly learning new techniques that help us tackle a wide array of challenges clients bring to our desks.

The knowledge we learn on each job helps us speed up the process for the next. We take the decades of on-job experience we have to help provide clients with fast and reliable service.

There are a few areas you can look to find out if you’re dealing with the best. These areas include certifications, length of experience, and testimonials. Your goal should always be to feel confident in any contractor you hire.

We all want to know that we can trust the contractors we hire to get the job done quickly and correctly; this is how we do that.

Best Electrical Contractor in Lake Worth Florida | Certifications

Florida requires any electrical contractor to have proper certification in order to accept work. The certification process is a lengthy one that is done both for the electrician and the clients they take on.

But why does state certification matter to clients? Swink Electric has the certifications which means our skills have been put to the test and proven to be worth certifying. This means you can trust the job is being done by someone who knows how to do it properly.

State certification also gives electricians access to the best insurance available; protecting you and your electrician. Then there is the obvious benefit of knowing you’re working with a state-certified professional.

You may think that working with a state-certified professional is a given. However, there are some electricians out there who take big risks and work without state certification.


The best electrical contractor in Lake Worth Florida has the proper certifications. But those certifications paired with over 21 years of experience are what really make the difference with our team at Swink Electric. An electrician with our level of experience has seen many different issues and has had to fix them each time. The goal is to cut down the amount of time it takes without sacrificing the quality of work that is done.


These testimonials can help you decide if Swink Electric is the right option for you. In fact, you should check out as many reviews as possible to ensure you’ve got the best electrical contractor in Lake Worth Florida, on your side.

“We have used Swink Electric as our electrical contractor of choice for the past 7 years. They are reliable, knowledgeable, and competitively priced.”

“We at Webb Builders have found Swink Electric to be an excellent partner in building and servicing our client’s homes.”

“Swink has been outstanding and so professional. I would recommend this company to all I know.”

“We have used Swink Electric for over 10 years. We recommend Swink Electric for the electric on our proposals for pump installations.”

You can contact us at Swink Electric today or call us at (561) 683-1512 for fast and dependable service.

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