The best electrician in Jensen Beach Florida is Swink Electric. We have an amazing team of electricians that can help with a wide variety of tasks. You can come to Swink Electric for everything from mounting a new TV to completing new builds.

Swink Electric is the best electrician in Jensen Beach Florida, that both homeowners and businesses can rely on. There are plenty of electricians to choose from in Florida, so what makes Swink Electric the best?

The biggest contributing factor to our confidence and pride is our team. We have an amazing team of skilled electricians who are all certified or apprenticing for their certifications.

We rely on them because they know how to treat every job; no job is too small or beneath them. On the other hand, no job is too big for them either. We also have proper Florida certifications that allow us access to specific services from the state that help both us and our clients.

However, dealing with service calls requires more than just certifications. Swink Electric is the best electrician in Florida, and you don’t even have to take our word for it. We have worked in homes, businesses, and construction sites; many have left reviews.

You can use those reviews to learn more about us and how we operate on job sites. Then contact us today to get started with your project!

Best Electrician in Jensen Beach Florida

Every electrician in Florida must be certified by the state. The certification process is a lengthy one that puts the electrician’s skills to the test. Working with electricity is dangerous and, therefore, requires highly skilled people.

Of course, not every electrician goes through the proper channels. This is why Florida offers benefits to those who do. As certified electricians, we have special access to job site insurance, which covers both the clients and the electricians.

That insurance also serves as a key to unlocking permits, blueprints, and even easier access to inspectors. There are plenty of reasons to work with a certified electrician in Florida. Luckily, Swink Electric already has all the proper certifications taken care of.


People often attribute the best electrician in Jensen Beach Florida, with plenty of experience. Swink Electric has more than 20 years of experience in electrical work. This experience helps us solve problems quicker, saving you time and money with your electricity project.

There aren’t many issues we have yet to see, which also means we have fixes already in line for common problems. Our team of electricians is prepared to use their experience to help you complete your project, but there’s more to running a company people love.

We also have 35 years of project management experience. Electricians are called in for a wide range of projects. You may just need an electrician to mount a TV for you, while another is in need of an electrician to outfit a new apartment building.

We can handle both types of jobs with ease using our project management skills. The best part is, that both jobs will get the same amount of attention and care from our team.


We are beyond proud of the things we hear our clients say about our team and our work. After all, the best electrician in Jensen Beach Florida has to have the reviews to back up the claim.

“Scheduling was a breeze, Luke showed on time and messaged when he was on the way.  He came prepared with everything needed for our job (install a dedicated circuit outside) and did the job neatly. He is super personable and knowledgeable!” 

“By far best experience I ever had with a home contractor.  We had some serious electrical issues that required a full MPU upgrade and wiring rerun through the attic etc.  Swink team showed up was so professional, fixed everything – we actually had to leave on vacation and let the guys have access to the house when gone. Project came out perfect couldn’t be happier.”

“We’ve used them for several projects & they are always professional, reliable & knowledgeable!  Hard to find these days but we are very pleased!”

“Swink Electric has consistently delivered outstanding service. Their reliability and top-notch customer service make them my go-to choice for all electrical needs. I highly recommend them for their excellent and trustworthy work.”

You can contact us at Swink Electric today or call us at (561) 683-1512 for fast and dependable service.

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