Floridians know the importance of a generator for their homes and businesses. However, they need to navigate multiple options before getting set up. Swink Electric offers the best portable generator electrician services in Martin County Florida, that can help. Contact us today at Swink Electric today or call us at (561) 286-8507 for fast and dependable service.

The best portable generator electrician services in Martin County Florida are at Swink Electric for residential or commercial. Florida is a unique part of the United States. The heat can be extreme for a couple months of the year and hurricane season increases the chance of storms.

We have all adjusted to this type of weather, and it’s simply not a big deal in most cases. But sometimes the weather can mean we lose power.

Businesses rely on power to conduct business, and homeowners use power to do just about everything. Life can’t just stop because we can’t turn on the lights. That is why a portable generator is very important for Floridian homes and businesses.

However, there are multiple things that we need to consider when buying and setting up a portable generator. Electricians can help ensure everything is done correctly. The goal is to ensure you have power if the grid gets shut down for whatever reason.

You don’t want just to have anyone set up something you will rely on. Instead, you want to get the best portable generator electrician services in Martin County Florida. You will find those top-rated services at Swink Electric.

Portable Generator vs Standard Generator

Standard generators are often the first thing people look at when shopping around. They work in a way that makes it easy for homeowners and businesses to keep operations moving smoothly when the grid loses power.

They automatically switch the breaker box from the grid to the generator. However, that ease of use is restrictive and costs an uncomfortable amount for most to install. Even the maintenance costs of a standard generator are higher than those of a portable generator.

Portable generators don’t have the same restrictions and are far more affordable to install as well. Still, a professional is recommended for either standard or portable generators.

Installing a Portable Generator

The best portable generator electrician services in Martin County Florida are at Swink Electric. But why do you need an electrician to install a portable generator? Unfortunately, you can’t just plug an extension cord into your home and then another into a portable generator and call it a day.

An electrician is needed to install an inlet box. The inlet box is essentially the outlet that the portable generator will provide power. Think of it as a bridge from the generator to the building.

Of course, there is much more to installing the inlet box than just attaching it and connecting it to a breaker box. In fact, clients will still have decisions to make besides just what type of generator to use.

One of those decisions is how they will switch from the grid to the generator during a power outage. Have you heard of an interlock kit or a transfer switch?

Portable Generator Interlock Kit Martin County

Every building has what we call a breaker box. The breaker box is where you can shut off power to the building. Each breaker box is designed to take in a set amount of power and then distribute it through the box to different circuits.

You may be familiar with those circuits; they provide power to each room in the building. The interlock kit is what allows you to switch power sources from the grid to the generator. We need the ability to switch between power because there can be major damage if the grid power returns while the generator is still providing power to the building.

Swink Electric will always recommend using an interlock kit to get this job done. But it isn’t the only option. 

Transfer Switch Martin County

A transfer switch is another way to change power sources at the breaker box. However, there is a significant difference in how these two power switches operate. The interlock kit provides power to the entire breaker box, allowing you to switch the circuits back on individually as needed.

However, the transfer switch works by providing power to the individual circuits that are picked out during the time of installation. This means that the transfer switch doesn’t offer much flexibility for the building owner.

This is why Swink Electric always recommends the interlock kit over the transfer switch. 

Swink Electric Portable Generator Services in Martin County

We are beyond proud of our team of electricians, who are all talented in the field. Our team can help you find the right options for you to ensure you don’t need to go without power in the event of an outage.

Whether the power is out because of weather, damage, or an accident, portable generators are designed to keep us in the light when things get dark. Swink Electric is here to make sure you have that power. Contact us today at Swink Electric today or call us at (561) 286-8507 for fast and dependable service.

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