Swink Electric is the best electrician in Sewall’s Point. Our decades of experience are put to use on every job, no matter the size. We have the proper certifications, the experience, and the reviews you’d want to see in the best electrician.

Swink Electric is the best electrician in Sewall’s Point; we treat every job with the same high level of care and expertise, regardless of size. We do so by utilizing our more than 20 years of electrical experience and our more than 35 years of project management experience.

But the biggest difference that sets us apart from other electricians is our team. Our team is filled with talented electricians who are dedicated to their craft. Their skills and professionalism help take Swink Electric’s services to the next level.

Finding the best electrician in Sewall’s Point takes more than just the word of the electrician. Luckily, there are only a few key areas you will want to look to tell you’re working with the best.

Certifications, experience, and testimonials can all help you determine if Swink Electric is the right choice for your job. Our goal is to ensure that every client receives high-quality service.

The most important thing about Swink Electric is that we treat every job the exact same way. The goal is to give everyone the same level of professionalism and care to ensure their jobs are done quickly and correctly the first time.

That is why so many people have chosen to work with Swink Electric on jobs of all sizes, from new builds down to household power issues and electrical updates.

Best Electrician in Sewall’s Point | Certifications

The state of Florida requires every electrician to be state-certified. Electricians must be tested by the state to prove their skills can be certified. In fact, these certifications grant special access to different services that make every job easier.

Swink Electric is proud to hold state-certification in Florida which means our services have been tested. That state-certification also grants us access to liability insurance which protects the client and the electricians. Having that insurance also means we get a certificate of insurance.

These certificates are important because we can not legally do the work without them. We can also use this certification status to pull permits, access blueprints, and even pass inspections. As you can see, being state-certified is one of the most important requirements.


The best electrician in Sewall’s Point doesn’t just have the proper certifications. These certifications could give you the peace of mind of knowing the job will be done correctly. But there is still the matter of experience which can make all the difference in the world.

Electrician jobs are just like any other job out there in that things can go wrong along the way. A skilled electrician can diagnose that issue quicker using their past experiences as a guide.

This can help ensure that your service job gets done without increased costs due to extra time. Not to mention, you get the power you need sooner. Swink Electric has more than 20 years of electrical experience and more than 35 years of project management experience.

We use those experiences to help us complete jobs with a high level of quality on each job. Our goal is to ensure the only way you know work has been done is by how well everything works.


Swink Electric is the best electrician in Sewall’s Point, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Plenty of past clients have worked with Swink Electric on different levels of jobs. These reviews could help you determine if Swink Electric is your choice.

“We have used Swink Electric as our electrical contractor of choice for the past 7 years.”

“Swink has been outstanding and so professional. I would recommend this company to all I know. They are so efficient and work tremendously hard.”

“Swink Electric is a first-string electrical contractor on Dream Team of contractors for my home renovation business. Others don’t make the cut!”

“We know that electrical work will be permitted and installed just the way we need it. We appreciate their ethical and professional service.”

Contact us today to get started with your electrical service needs!

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