Power outages can occur for many different reasons, no matter where you live in the US. But we all rely on electricity for almost every aspect of our lives. That’s why it’s essential to find portable generator electrician services in Palm Beach County Florida. You can contact us at Swink Electric today or call us at (561) 286-8507 for fast and dependable service.

The best portable generator electrician services in Palm Beach County Florida can be found at Swink Electric. What is a portable generator? A portable generator is a power source that uses gasoline to produce electricity.

You can then plug devices directly into the portable generator and get the power you need, when and where you need it. But what does a portable generator have to do with power outages?

It is entirely possible to plug your home into a portable generator and use it as a source of electricity for parts of your home. However, you can’t just grab an extension cord and plug in your house.

Instead, you need portable generator electrician services in Palm Beach County Florida, to help. Swink Electric can help you make the right decisions for your portable generators from start to finish.

You can have a backup power source in your home that will keep the lights on in the event of a power outage. You just need a little help from a certified Florida electrician.

Portable Generator Electrician Services in Palm Beach County Florida

People shopping for home generators are often directed toward standard generators instead of portable generators. However, a portable generator is the better option, giving you more bang for your buck.

First, the portable generator is portable, so you can take it with you when you go camping or to the beach. But the portability of the generator isn’t the only benefit. You can also select the fuses you provide power to using your portable generator.

A standard generator only allows you to provide power to a predetermined set of fuses. There are some benefits we lose out on using a portable generator, though. For example, a portable generator will need to be turned on manually, following safety instructions.

A standard generator takes over automatically in the event of a power outage. But that benefit comes at the cost of only powering a few predetermined fuses.

Installing a Portable Generator

Why do you need to hire an electrician to install a portable generator? Remember, you can’t simply plug in a portable generator to an outlet and expect it to provide you with electricity. An electrician will need to install an inlet box that takes power in and distributes it to the fuses in the fuse box.

Things get even more complicated the deeper you dive. For example, some fuse boxes can only take in a set amount of power, and some generators provide different power levels. It is essential to ensure that these numbers match for safety.

Another critical decision to make is whether to use an interlock switch or a transfer switch to change power sources from the public grid to your portable generator. It’s easy to see why portable generator electrician services in Palm Beach County Florida are so important.

Portable Generator Interlock Kit Palm Beach County Florida

We all know what a breaker box is, but do we all know what they do? A breaker box distributes safe amounts of power to different parts of the home. The breaker box also takes in power from the public grid; this is where an interlock kit comes in handy.

An interlock kit is essentially a switch that can stop the breaker box from taking in power from the public grid. This is important if you want to use a portable generator as a power source.

Here’s the scenario: the power goes out, so you can safely turn on the portable generator. But you won’t know when the public power will turn back on. We can’t have a portable generator providing power to a breaker box when the public grid starts providing power again.

This will overload the box, which is very dangerous and could cause costly damage to your home. The interlock kit allows you to manually switch the power source so that you don’t need to worry about this happening.

Transfer Switch Palm Beach County

A transfer switch is another option for switching power sources to your breaker box. However, the interlock kit provides power to the entire breaker box, allowing you to pick and choose which fuses you turn on at the moment.

But a transfer switch works by providing power directly to predetermined fuses in the breaker box. We always recommend an interlock kit instead of a transfer switch so clients can get the power they need where they need it.

Swink Electric Portable Generator Services in Palm Beach County

Our team of electricians can help you make difficult decisions by providing you with the knowledge you need. Beyond that, we are ready to help you get the power you need when the public grid is no longer working for whatever reason.

We will help you every step of the way, from picking out the right portable generator to ensuring the interlock kit or the transfer switch is a better option for you. You can contact us at Swink Electric today or call us at (561) 683-1512 for fast and dependable service.

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