Swink Electric recommends that everyone have a generator of some kind. A portable generator is best, but a standard will do as well. In fact, everyone across the country should have a generator. You may be asking, why should I buy a generator?

Why should I buy a generator? The benefits of using a generator speak for themselves as the reasons you should own one. Most people are familiar with what a power generator does.

A power generator is a device that can be hooked up to a building with the help of a Swink Electric electrician. Once connected, the generator will help people receive power if the public power grid goes offline during a power outage.

We often hear about generators saving the day at hospitals and nursing homes when the power goes out. But you don’t have to be a business or doctor to need a generator. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why you should buy a generator.

To some, a generator seems unnecessary; they ask, “why should I buy a generator?” But the benefits of owning a generator speak for themselves.

Why Should I Buy a Generator?

There are two different types of generators for homeowners to choose from. The first is a portable generator. A portable generator requires you to manually switch the power source for your home from the power grid to your generator.

However, a portable generator has mobility and allows you to pick and choose which fuses you ignite when you manually make the switch. A standard generator works using your home’s existing gas line and automatically turns on when the power grid goes out.

However, homeowners must pick out which fuses they want to be used on generator power at the time of installation. Changing those selections may require some help from a Swink Electric electrician.

Both have pros and cons, so they each offer slightly different answers to the posed question.

Why Should I Buy a Portable Generator?

A portable generator is a great option, one which we often recommend. We like the portability of it and the multiple uses we can get from it. For example, you can use your portable generator to help power your home during a power outage.

That benefit is shared between both the portable option and the standard option. However, your portable generator can also power an outdoor movie night in the backyard or maybe take it with you camping for a bit more first-world during your excursions.

Homeowners often want to know that the money they invest in their home goes beyond just face value. Investing in a portable generator is investing in multiple different options. Why should I buy a generator?

You never know when or where you will need power; a portable generator can provide that. 

Why Should I Buy a Standard Generator?

A standard generator is definitely more costly than a portable generator. However, those costs include conveniences you just can’t get from a portable option. We already know that we should own a generator to help us keep the lights on when the power grid is down.

But a standard generator offers you the convenience of not even having to get up if the power goes out. Instead, your power will automatically switch over from the power grid to the generator.

Homeowners will need to select which fuses they want to turn on in the event of a power outage during installation. However, the size and power of generators could alter how many fuses you have running on generator power.

Ultimately, both generators have their pros and cons. It is up to you to decide which option works best for you. 

Homeowners Insurance

Another significant benefit of owning a generator is a discount on homeowners insurance. Why should I buy a generator? So that you can get that 5% discount on homeowners insurance. Why does this matter?

Well, extreme weather events are becoming more and more frequent. We have bore witness to some tragic-level events in recent years. Homeowner’s insurance is supposed to help during these times, and a generator can make a big difference.

Insurance companies enjoy knowing people are doing whatever they need to so that they remain as safe as possible during these significant weather events.

Medical Devices

Why should I buy a generator? One of the biggest reasons anyone should own a generator is if they have someone in the home needing medical devices. Power outages are often nothing more than inconveniences that last only a few minutes to a few hours.

However, those few minutes could be all it takes for someone on a medical device to be in grave danger. Most people who have someone in a home reliant on medical devices are informed of the importance of a generator. Makes sense to be prepared for anything.

Swink Electric Generator Services

We often recommend portable generators over standard generators simply due to their added value. Of course, they do require you to switch power sources manually, which may not be something everyone wants to deal with.

Swink Electric can help with any of your residential generator needs. We can install electrical connections for portable generators, install stand-by generators, and even coordinate all aspects of stand-by generator projects (i.e., gas/propane tank installation, permitting, etc.), so you don’t have to.

We are also excited to be an Authorized Generac Service dealer, meaning we can perform service, maintenance, and warranty work on Generac air-cooled generators – meaning we can be your one-stop shop from start to finish!

Contact us at Swink Electric today or call us at (561) 286-8507 for fast and dependable service.

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